Moving Mountains

New Release By Author Pastor Larry Spates, Winston-Salem NC. Book: Moving Mountains. As we travel life we will discover a number of paths to follow. We will see many roads leading us in many directions. The question is how will we respond? God has a plan for each of us, but only in him can we truly find the peace and comfort we search and sometimes long to have in our lives daily. The road ahead of us can be filled with many roadblocks, hills and even tough mountains. However, with clear determination and spiritual focus I know from many experiences you can and will make it:

About larry2814

Hi, I'm Larry Spates, I have been in Sales and Marketing for the past 26 years, I am also a Motivational Speaker and a License and Ordained Minister since June 11,1989. I pastor a Church in Winston-Salem NC Victorious Joy fellowship Church, and would love for you to visit us any time. Our Worship Service is on Sunday Mornings @ 10am at the 110 Miller St. We are a Praise and Worship family of believers, I Teach God's Word From the Bible Every Sunday. You May contact me for service information at 336-331-3316 or 336-671-4779. I Own my own Business, Renewed Power for Living, and i have several business packages listed on line. Ambition and profit Renewed Power For Living Larry Spates I love helping people in Ministry and Sales and Marketing become successful, feel free to call me for Speaking Appointments for Ministry or Sales and Marketing Motivational Training Appointment.
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  1. camountain says:

    I look forward to reading more from you šŸ™‚

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